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UK New Build and Land Development-Is Buying New Build Worth It?

31 July, 2017 | New build and land development

UK New Build and Land Development-Is Buying New Build Worth It?

New Build

Most people today are tired of buying older pieces of real estate with lots of issues hidden beyond their outer charm. While there're many ways to invest in property, new build residential land development is worth checking out. If you decide to go with it there're a number of reasons why it just might be worth it.

Lots of possibilities

If you have interest in new properties chances are you'll find exactly what you want. Finding the right home with a garden facing towards the marvellous space yonder that brings out the best of summers and perfect spot for tantalizing barbecues with friends or an apartment on the top floor with a first class view of the entire region is not that hard. With new build properties a home is made to fit the requirements and wants demanded by today's home buyer. Lots of possibilities await you with new residential land developments.

Uncertainties are contained

New build buying usually removes uncertainties such as losing the deal from a seller who cannot be trusted or other reasons. It's very convenient and a great way to keep possible property buyers interested. Of course the completion is on a timetable, which you have to keep in mind as you go with new land development. In most cases, you’ll be required to part with some reservation fee, an addition percentage after a specific period of time as you get the contracts done. Once the new development is completed the balance can then be paid.

More savings for you

Energy bills are always high and new build offers a fresh advantage; most of them are built energy efficient. From top-notch insulations, efficient central heating among other benefits, heating and lighting bills will definitely be reduced. You’ll also be eco-friendly in your own small way.

Extended warranties

If you could get a new build where maintenance expenses and repairs aren’t a problem you’ll laugh all the way to the bank. However, another advantage is that you’re assured of a longer warranty such as ten years from specific organisations such as NHBC (National House Building Council). They usually have diverse structural weaknesses of the new build covered. 

It means that if any issue ever crops up the organisation and the builder will have to cover any repair expenses. The builder will probably cover the first 2 years and the organisation the next 8 years. It's also possible to enjoy other warranties that cover various white goods the new build comes with, from washing machines to refrigerators and anything in between.